Love this bag, Its definitely on my list. This bag has taken over the fashion world with its range of colours!  Handmade in the UK by the Cambridge Satchel company. Old school bags have been reborn since the Mulberry Alexa and are now on every must have list. The great news about this bag is that it's very affordable :) It will look great with colourful outfits or if you're more like me, and love more neutral, settled colours -- it can spice up your look! 

Get the bag from here.

Photos source: See my Tumblr :) 


  1. yes, i want one of those! now, haha, they r so cool!!!

  2. oh my i know don't you just love those bags they are just so perfect with so many outfits. especially if you want to go simple with your outfit you can let the bag do the talking. :-)


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