I had an amazing opportunity to visit the Universal Studios backlot while my hubby was shooting a commercial. Being able to walk around freely and go inside the houses on Wisteria Lane was like being in the TV show. What a fun experience! We took a golf cart on a self-guided tour and stopped off at all the different sets. It was cool to see Wisteria Lane had been set up for a Halloween shoot for the show Parenthood. I didn't use any filters on these photos as I thought it would be fun to show it as it was.

See more amazing sets after the break...

Lynette's House

 Awesome Halloween Decoration 

 Visiting Bree's house

   Some more amazing sets


A Mexican village

  New York!  New York!

 And here is the most fun part, as I was taking photos outside the hotel where the Psycho was shot, I didn't realize that Norman Bate's was coming towards me with a knife!!!! I literally screamed and ran away, as you can see here! Crazy! Then he came out with the dead body of his mother! I wasn't sure if I should smile or scream again! So much fun and adrenaline :) 

Not much of a fashion post but definitely the most fun one I ever had making! 

PS. I'm wearing: Seven for all Mankind shorts; McQueen Top.

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  1. Wooow Olya, you are so lucky to have been there. Am such a big fan of Desperate Housewives! Jealous :) The photos with Psycho are funny indeed haha))the creepiest movie I've ever seen))


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